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Rightword offers both host family accommodation and residential accommodation
Study in Ireland 5

Our host families are located in Limerick city and in the suburbs of the city. Choosing host family accommodation gives students a unique and immersive experience to see why Irish people are famous for their hospitality, friendliness and generosity.

All our host families are vetted and we have been working with them for a number of years and we know that they put the student experience at the centre of their homes.

Host family accommodation includes pick up on arrival (for departure also), private and shared rooms, three meals a day, laundry done and you’ll get the chance to practice all the English you want with them also!

Our private residential accommodation is provided by Cratloe Village, our accommodation provider with TUS University. Cratloe Village is located close to TUS and it gives students the opportunity to live on a university campus.

Cratloe Village offers 3-4 bedroom apartments with a living area, kitchen, en suite bathrooms. There will be 24-hour security provided and a liaison for each apartment. All meals will be provided in the LIT campus and canteen.


Transport pick up from your arrival airport and departure are provided by Rightword through local bus providers.

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