Refund Policy (As seen in our Contract)

Funds for payment will be held by the school until the student has begun his/her course on an assigned date, agreed upon by the school and student. Under no circumstance, will the school refund a student after the student has begun his/her course.

Students who provide proof that they were refused a VISA to come to Ireland (i.e. a letter from the Embassy) are entitled to have their fees refunded minus administration fees.

In all other situations, the school has a no refund policy.

Visa Refusals – Full Refund MINUS Admin Fees (300EUR).

Deposit/Payment under 30 Days – Full Refund or Credit Note

For any other situation, a credit note can be issued for the student at the discretion of the Managing Director.

Credit Note
A credit note can be issued for the amount paid by the student. The student can then transfer/sell this credit note to another person.

Refund Processing Times
It can take up to 8 weeks for us to process a refund request, although it’s usually much quicker. A credit note can be issued in up to 7 days from the request date.