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Rightword’s General English course is based on academic research and years of our teaching experiences. Within our General English course, we use dynamic and engaging teaching activities and methodologies.

For our General English course, the focus is on getting our students speaking and communicating to each other through enjoyable and interactive activities. You will also develop your use of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

We adapt our lessons to the needs of the class and supplement the use of textbooks with authentic materials including digital resources and news articles.

Our highly qualified General English Course teachers set students clear learning objectives and use the latest modern teaching techniques to provide language practice in speaking, writing, listening and reading, to improve English pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

Our General English course will also provide our students learning English in Ireland with a better knowledge of the local people and culture, enabling them to become more actively involved with the unique Irish way of life.

At Rightword Institute, you will maximise your English language skills at a pace that works for you. Whether you are an Elementary or an Advanced student, you will improve quickly and gain confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English.

Upon completion of the course, schools issue a certificate of attendance with the number of weeks undertaken and English level achieved.

We have a dedicated social programme coordinator who organises activities, tours and visits throughout the year for our students. These activities are a scheduled part of almost all courses and normally occur after class in the afternoon and evening.

We also organise day and weekend trips to scenic areas outside Limerick, such as Connemara, Clare and Galway.

Class Size

15 students maximum

Times (Monday to Friday)

9am to 12.15pm – Morning session

Hours Per Week

15 hours

Starting Date

every Monday


Beginner (Below A1 on the CEFR*)
Elementary (A1 on the CEFR)
Pre-Intermediate (A2 on the CEFR)
Intermediate (B1 on the CEFR)
Upper-intermediate (B2 on the CEFR)
Advanced (C1 on the CEFR)

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

Conversation Classes

Our FREE Conversation Classes are designed to help you speak fluently and confidently with native speakers.

Learner Protection

Rightword complies with the requirements necessary to obtain an International Student visa in Ireland.

Top School

Rightword Institute is rated the best language school in Limerick based on Facebook and Google Reviews.

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Amazing teachers and great atmosphere. I'll miss everybody!

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