Study in Ireland 1

Student Accommodation

Private student accommodation in Limerick for our students. Rightword works with both Thomond Village and Grove Island, two of Limerick's most popular accommodations.

Choosing where you live and what kind of accommodation you want is a key decision in your time here at Rightword. Living in a student residence offers you more independence than if you decide to choose host family accommodation.

The residences that we have on offer are chosen for their proximity to the school as well as the quality of accommodation and living spaces. We choose bright, modern and comfortable living accommodation.

You will be sharing with other international students from Rightword and other language schools in Limerick. Students who live in one of our residences make lifelong friends with the housemates that they live with. We encourage you to share your cultural customs with your housemates and learn from theirs!

Some important information…

Please take sensible precautions with regard to your personal belongings and security. Lock bedroom doors and all exit doors keeping windows closed when you are not in the residence. Please remember that you are sharing the residence and you are required to keep your room and all common areas clean and tidy. All students are responsible and must clean up after themselves.

Please ensure that the bathroom is left clean and dry after use and that if the bathroom is shared with other students you need to be considerate. Make sure that any food you buy is stored in the correct part of the fridge.

Host Family

If you want to really experience the unique Irish culture, then staying with a host family is the perfect choice

Ireland has always been famed for its hospitality and staying with a host family in Limerick is one of the best ways to experience this first-hand. Many students find staying with an Irish family a very rewarding experience as it offers them a unique insight into Irish culture and provides the perfect opportunity to improve their English by practicing it in a natural everyday context.

Over the years we have built up strong relationships with a number of local families who host our students during their time in Ireland, all of whom are personally interviewed by our accommodation officer and are chosen for their experience and friendliness. Unless otherwise requested, students have their own room with study facilities. Students of the same nationality are not hosted by the same family except on request or when they come as part of a group.

Study in Ireland 2

Some important information…

Host family accommodation consists of half-board (breakfast and dinner) during the week and full-board at weekends (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Students are not allowed to use the kitchen facilities to cook their own meals or help themselves to food and drink.

Adult students have single rooms unless otherwise requested. Please keep your bedroom tidy and do not keep food in it. Laundry services are provided by the host family usually once a week. Please ask them how they like to organise it.

Families usually have their dinner between 18.00 and 19.30, but it depends on their specific norms. They will give you a key to their home. Please be on time for meals, or, at least, let your family know if you are going to be late. It is fun spending time with and interacting with your family.

Student Private Accommodation
Address: North Circular Road, Limerick

Single Shared Room


House shared with other students

Double Room with En Suite


Private Room - House shared with other students

Double Room without En Suite


Private Room - House shared with other students
Host Family

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Private Bedroom, Meals, Internet