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Book your language course with us to avail of special payment conditions and the best student support in Limerick.
GE + IELTS (Morning)

General English + IELTS Preparation (exam included) in the morning period.

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What's included:
*Start on any Monday. The arrival date is now up to July 2015. Subject to availability.
GE + TIE (Morning)

General English + TIE Preparation (exam included) in the morning period.

Study in Ireland 17
What's included:
*Start on any Monday. The arrival date is now up to July 2015. Subject to availability.
GE + TIE (Afternoon)

General English + IELTS Preparation (exam included) in the afternoon period.

Study in Ireland 17
What's included:
*Start on any Monday. The arrival date is now up to July 2015. Subject to availability.

Special information for visa-required students.

Students from a visa-required country, which are students who need to apply for a visa BEFORE coming to Ireland. Please make sure you check the visa requirements page from Irish Immigration.

The requirements are a lot different from non-visa-required countries, especially financial documents. You can check the complete list of requirements here:
Rightword Support

We offer the best student support in Limerick.

We have a Student Support Officer available daily to help students with everything they need (bank account, PPS, leap card, immigration, CV workshops, reference letters, etc.). We also offer full support pre-arrival for students who book directly with us.


A transfer will pick you up from your arrival location in Limerick to the accommodation.

Welcome Pack

Carrier Bag, Reusable Coffee Cup, Rightword Pens, Rightword Folder, Rightword Learning Journal.

SIM Card

*We have local SIM card available for new students.

Walking Tour

Every Friday we take new students for a tour around Limerick.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a few minutes to review our most popular questions below. We can guarantee it will help you understand more about our procedures 🙂

In most cases, no. The visa in Ireland is taken after your arrival. You still must show the school's letters at the airport immigration, but the VISA card is taken in Limerick, after arrival.

Now, there are a few visa-required countries where students must apply for a visa BEFORE arrival. In this case, you must follow the Irish Immigration procedures (we can help you with that).

You can check if you are from a visa-required country or not here: Visa requirements for entering Ireland (citizensinformation.ie)

Yes, you can renew your student visa twice, for a total of 2 years (3 visas of 8 months each).

To renew your visa, you must have at least 85% of attendance in classes.

After two years under a Student Visa, you must either leave the country, apply for an undergrad/postgrad course or get a job in a company willing to sponsor you with a work visa.

A student visa entitles you to work part-time if your work does not interfere with your studies.

During May, June, July, August and September and between December 15th and January 15th, it is possible to work full time, up to 40 hours per week.

There are no restrictions on the type of work you can get. But due to visa limitations (part-time/20 hours per week), most students work in the hospitality and services sector.

Some popular jobs are bar staff, cleaning, au pair, shop assistant, food delivery, etc.

Minimum wage: €12,70 per hour.

Yes, assuming the request is made no later than four weeks before your arrival date.

If you are from a visa-required country, you will require the letters for the visa application. In this case, we send the letters 72 hours after payment confirmation.

If you are from a non-visa-required country, the letters are sent 21 days before your arrival date.

Yes, you are refunded minus admin fees to cover the loss of health insurance, learner protection, etc., which is non-refundable.

You can check our refund policy on our handbook: Rightword Handbook.pdf - Google Drive

Flight Tickets. The student must book their own tickets.

Accommodation. We offer temporary accommodation (Student Residences and Host Family) at an additional fee.

IRP (Irish Residence Permit). The IRP is your student visa in Ireland. You get the IRP at Limerick Immigration, and it costs €300.

If you are from a non-visa-required country, you must show access to at least 4,500 euros or the equivalent in your local currency. You can use a bank statement for that, and it will be asked upon your arrival in the country AND during your immigration appointment in Limerick (to get your IRP card).

If you are from a visa-required country, you must show access to at least 10,000 euros. Please note you must provide this document for your visa application (before arrival).

No, but we offer Student Residences starting from €210 per week (Shared Room) or €300 per week (Private Room or Host Family).

We recommend booking at least 2 weeks of accommodation with our school. You can then use this time to look for permanent accommodation in Limerick.

The two options are precisely the same… The only difference is the period (morning or afternoon). But this is only valid for courses under the same "category", for example, GE + IELTS Prep Morning or Afternoon.

The reason for such a difference is that our Morning classes are more popular than our Afternoon classes and, as such, have lower availability.

Yes, it's possible to change from one period to another after you have started your course. There's a fee to be paid based on many things (how much of your current course have you studied so far, etc.).

But in short, it's possible. It's still subject to availability.

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In Limerick your money lasts longer

From the great King John's Castle to the vibrant Thomond Park

Studying abroad requires a significant investment, so it is essential to consider the cost of living when choosing your destination.

According to “Expatistan“, Limerick has a cost of living 21% lower than Dublin, 7% lower than Cork and 1% lower than Galway.

In other words, the €4500 (non-visa-required) you must bring for immigration purposes, in addition to lasting longer, will give you more security and time to support yourself while looking for a job and a room to rent.

These prices are valid up until:

This offer is no longer available.

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